Peter Lynn Hornet The perfect 4-line all round kite

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Peter Lynn Hornet The perfect 4-line all round kite

The perfect 4-line all round kite

Perfekt kite for junior eller voksne, som ønsker å teste ut snøkiting, uten å investere i en depower foilkite.  Kiten kontrolleres ved hjelp av kontrollbar.  Sett på en chickenloop  så kan du bruke kiten med hvilken som helst trapes.

Flying a 4-line powerkite is exciting, fun, challenging and, yes indeed; powerful! To ensure anybody can learn 4-line controls with confidence we have built the ultimate all-rounder, the Hornet delivers its power in a predictable way, it is stable, easy turning and above all, a lot of fun to fly. The Peter Lynn Hornet is the most well established all-round powerkite in the world, in over 10 years of history it has been revised, redesigned and tuned to perfection. No matter in which traction kiting discipline your ambition lies, the Hornet will provide you with a highly dependable and versatile entry-to-intermediate level traction kite. So if you are looking to cruise your first beach in a kitebuggy, make your first miles landboarding or snowkiting, the Hornet is the perfect companion into a world of wind powered excitement.