Komplett HQ4 Apex Foilkite med Kontrollbar - Leash - Trapes

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    HQ4 Apex Foilkite- The King of Backcountry (kite only)

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    HQ4 Apex - The King of Backcountry (kite only)


    HQ4 Apex - Den ultimate nybegynner og freeride kiten til bruk på snø.  HQ4 Access er sikker, stabil og enkel i bruk. Vi har brukt HQ4 Apex på viktekurs de siste årene.

    Are you looking for a kite you can trust 100%? One that won't let you down even in extreme backcountry situations? One that lets you safely scale lofty heights? Especially for you, we have developed the Apex to be one of the best companions you can find for exploring the backcountry. Maximum control, great stability and ample depower performance make this kite your perfect partner while you steadily improve your personal best. No need to fear making mistakes. The Apex is quite forgiving and makes it extremely easy for you to get started with kiting.


    The Apex’s features are perfectly matched to the needs of beginners and backcountry riders. A gentle unfolding of the traction force and a high depowering power make the kite extremely controllable. With enough power in the loop, there are sufficient reserves of power to be able to react quickly to gradients or changing winds.


    The Apex has a small number of chambers with a thick profile. It has been specially developed for use in difficult wind conditions to ensure maximum stability. The last chambers were deliberately not leashed so that the apex develops an optimal flow ratio at the wingtips.


    Apex scales are made entirely of robust, coated Dyneema, which guarantees a long service life in harsh environments. Mixer leash and pulleys are perfectly matched to each other.


    As a sailcloth, an extremely robust 40D ripstop nylon is used, which has proven itself over the years. The inner material of the ribs consists of a robust cloth and is additionally reinforced at the profile holes with webbing straps.


    Excellent control also in limits
    Extremely stable, high depower output
    Intermediately on a leash, with much available power
    Extremely easy to fly


    Mystic Aviator sitte trapes

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    Mystic Aviator sitte trapes


    A stainless steel hook is used to make a quick connection with the spreaderbar. The webbing of the two points system is placed on different locations to spread the load more evenly over the harness.


    The spreader bar is pulled down in the middle of the bar with the spreader down strap. The system prevents the spreaderbar from riding up, causing pressure on the ribs.


    Comfortable foam panels
    Double power leash rings
    Neoprene buckle covers
    Basic spreaderbar | 2 point fixation
    Spreader down system
    Comfortable legstraps
    Integrated handle


    HQ4 ONE Kitesurfing Bar

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    HQ4 ONE Kitesurfing Bar

    Our new bar is the universal tool for your kite. Besides our tube kites, it can be used with any of our Depower kites in our range. Features like a Single-Front-Line Safety, easy depower adjustments and a self-untwisting ceramic swivel are only some of the innovations of the new ONE-Bar, that we adapted to customers needs. Our new bar system clearly exemplifies our focus on progressive design elements, precisely optimised handling and detailed attention to quality and safety. The contoured ergonomic EVA grip offers long lasting comfort and excellent hold in every situation. The bar ends come with an integrated floater so that in connection with the coated backlines you wont get stuck during the water start. The stopper ball helps to relaunch the kite. A high quality clamcleat for ease of use and infinite adjustment within its range offers a perfect adaption to the rider and the wind conditions. Thanks to the front line safety the kite will release all its power, and gently drift with the leading edge facing down until it smoothly lands on the water or land. The kite will stay in this position until you are ready to restart it.

    The HQ4 "ONE" -Bar is available in lengths of 49 and 55 cm. It comes with particularly low stretch 24 m Dyneema lines and the innovative HQ4 kite leash which can be adjusted in the triggering force.


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    Leash fra Powerkites. Solid og sikker leash med quick release. Kan brukes til alle typer kiter.