JAY Dynabar XT 2013

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JAY Dynabar XT 2013

Er du plaget av at trapesen sklir fra side til side når du kiter? Er trekkraften fra kiten slik at du ikke får en naturlig kitestilling i fartsretningen?  Da skal du teste ut Jay Dynabar!  Her beveger trapeskroken seg fra side til side og gjør at du får en mye mer komfortabel kite session.

The XT model is designed for all styles thanks to the possibility to replace the sliding supports, lock pivoting hook and fixed hook.

Complete Jaybar Dynabar Specifications:

The Jaybar Dynabar V7 has a moveable spreader bar hook allowing for easier toeside riding, wave riding, and all around comfort. Many advanced riders are moving towards this spreader bar for its ease of use. The moveable connection point allows your body to move much more freely. Just take a look at the entire Ben Wilson Team, they are all using this spreader bar configuration on their harnesses in the surf!
If you are looking for a helpful piece of equipment that will improve your riding, and make things more comfortable, then this is the product for you.
The Dynabar comes in two sizes - 11 inches and 13 inches. It comes standard with the Dyneema Slider, protective pad, hook with bungee, and fits any harness type and harness brand. The package also includes spare parts: 3 PA rollers/washers and 1 pulley.  If you want more than the standard Dyneema Slider, please add to cart independently via their specific accessory pages - Pro Wave Slider or Free Ride Slider.
Free Ride Slider
The Free Ride Slider allows the the rider to enjoy an unhooked feel but still have the security of being hooked in. The little rivet in the free ride bar keeps the rider hooked in and stable, but allows full freedom when takin out of the rivet. This item does not come stock with the Dynabar and must be purchased separately.
Pro Wave Slider
The Pro Wave Slider bar is similar to the Free Ride bar except it allows full freedom and movement. Because it does not contain the center rivet, the bar can move back and forth across the rider without interruption. This item is included with the DYNABAR XT.