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Dr. Tuba complete Repair kit

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Dr.Tuba Complete Repair Kit

This is the most comprehensive kite repair kit available on the market today! With this kit you’ll be able to repair almost any known problem on your kite, from ripstop & dacron fabrics, bladders to valves! Packed in air&water tight travel box it is the most valued and a must have friend - whether you are travelling to exotic locations or just enjoying riding on your favorite local spot! Now with TEAR-AID BLADDER PATCH and FREE 3x ADHESIVE XL VALVE PAD CIRCLES!

What's included?

1pc FiberFIX (6m x 45mm)
1roll self-adhesive Dacron (3m x 50mm)
1roll self-adhesive semi transparent Nylon (1,45m x 50mm)
2pcs high quality PU glue 28g
2pcs glue applicator
1pcs monster TEAR AID patch (15 x 30cm)
TPU film (~5dm2)
3pcs tie-wraps
2pcs glue brushes
8pcs alco swabs
2pcs sanding papers
nice travel box


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