Demokite: Core Section 8m: The purebred wave kite

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CORE Section: The purebred wave kite.


Demobrukt Core Section 8m helt uten skader og reparasjoner. Upperlig kite for degFor some, it is all about the waves. A three dimensional playground to explore and experiment on. And to get the most out of your wave session, we’ve built the Section. A purebred wave kite with 3 struts, lightweight construction, perfect balance and super quick reflexes. A kite that stays put while you ride those super fast waves. A kite that doesn’t stall out when you’re toeside on a wind driven 10 footer. A kite for all you strapped and strapless wave junkies that will drive hours for that magical wave session.


You know who you are. You live for waves. Nothing else matters. We made the new CORE Section just for you. A dedicated wave kite for down-the-liners. Off-the-lippers. And in-the-tubers. The no compromise, 3 strut, super fast, park-and-forget-about-it wave kite. So, for you hardcore wave junkies, allow us to show you what we packed into the ultimate wave kite.


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Key feature snapshot:

Ultralight 3 Strut Frame: Quicker turning, better drift.
Surf Profile: Optimized for lift and slack line drifting.
ExoTex® Dacron: Ultra stable, high performance Dacron with asymmetrical weave.
CoreTex®: Exclusive, durable, triple ripstop canopy fabric.
Future-C Shape: Fast, tight turns and precise control.
Radical Reaction Tips: Quick and direct translation of rider input.
Short Bridle System: For improved kite feedback.
CORE Intelligent Trim System (CIT): Customizable bar pressure, tension and turning speed.
Instant Auto Relaunch: Effortless recovery every time.
Speed Valve 2: Quick and effortless inflation without adapters.
Speed Pump System: Superfast all strut inflation.
Grintex® Patches: Optimized protection for the front tube.
Sensor Bar Ready: Fully compatible for precise kite control and unparalleled Supported Single Frontline Safety system.