Demokite: Core Section 14m LW: The purebred wave kite

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CORE Section: The purebred wave kite.



Ubetydelig brukt Core Section 14m LW.  Ypperlig kite til bruk i bølger og hydrofoil.

Sometimes you find super clean, waist high, rollers are unrideable because your current lightwind kite is simply not agile enough to follow you. Instead, your big kite wants to pull you off your strapless surfboard when you ride the waves. This is why we created the lightwind surf kite for little waves. Because little waves can be just as fun too. The Section LW with its slightly higher aspect ratio (than its’ siblings), Radical Reaction Tips, and 3 strut construction is designed for controllable drift while you play in the waves and turn on a dime when you need to.


LW 12.0 | LW 14.0

Key feature snapshot:

Ultralight 3 Strut Frame: Quicker turning, better drifting
Surf Profile: Optimized for lift and slack line drifting
ExoTex®: Ultra stable, high performance Dacron with asymmetrical weave
CoreTex® Light: Exclusive, durable yet lighter, ripstop canopy fabric
Future-C Shape: Fast, tight turns and precise control
Ultralight Wingtips: Weight saving, reduced Dacron, wingtips
CORE Intelligent Trim System (CIT): Customizable bar pressure, tension and turning speed
Instant Auto Relaunch: Effortless waterstarts
Short Bridle System: For improved kite feedback
Speed Valve 2 : Quick and effortless inflation without adapters
Speed Pump System: Superfast all strut inflation
Sensor Bar Ready: Fully compatible for precise kite control and unparalleled Supported Single Frontline Safety system