Demobrukt PKD Inferno Racekite 12m

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Demobrukt PKD Inferno Racekite 12m

Kiten er helt uten skader og reparasjoner.

The ParaKiteDivison has its origins in the paragliding scene and that knowledge has been now used for the development of the PKD Inferno. Everything is thereby focused on light and durable, but also speed and a wide wind range.

The PKD Inferno is built of Marine Skytex 32 g / m2, has a super thin bridle with split-back loops. This bridle is easily adjustable for your personal tuning customization.

PKD Inferno 9.0 (AR 7.0, 49 cells)
PKD Inferno 12.0 (AR 8.0, 55 cells)
PKD Inferno 16.5 (AR 9.0, 59 cells)

PKD Inferno has an enormous power depower ratio. So there is no need for many kite sizes to cover all the wind range you need for a race, in case the wnd vary up or down.

Going upwind the sail develops more lift due to more surface and so more thrust to climb at a lower angle into the wind. Or at a higher angle into the wind at a higher speed.

The PKD Inferno comes kite-only. Each depowerbar with 4 lines of equal length is suitable for the controlling. In-control-systems-are some suggestions.