Bern WATTS H2O Watersports Helmet, Cobolt Blue

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Bern WATTS H2O Watersports Helmet, Cobolt Blue

Watts H20 Multi Sport Crash Helmet with Brock foam lining, Venting and Peak design for Core riders looking for a high performance level of impact protection.

The Bern WATTS Water Sport Surfing and Multi Sport crash helmet is a vented helmet with a built in Peak to keep the spray and sunlight out of your eyes - it is great for all water sports - white water, kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, wake skating, kite boarding. 

The Helmet uses a specific Brock foam lining for greater breath-ability, comfort and water release. It is certified for watersports use CE1385.

The Bern Hard Hat technology provides a new head protection option for athletes that have not been into into wearing helmets, until now. Using a patented multiple impact breathable BROCK foam, this Bern helmet technology keeps riders dry and cool while allowing air to flow in all directions. User response to this new technology has been amazing. A cumbersome helmet was never cool, but it served its purpose. With the Bern Hard Hat technology, helmets are now a sweet necessary accessory that provides ultimate protection.

Brock Foam offers multi-impact performance, porosity and breath-ability and 3D airflow. Air and moisture circulate in any direction without the risk of absorption and the Foam does not harbor moisture and dries quickly after each wakeboarding and kayaking session. Brock Foam is also very resilient and returns to its original shape after impact thereby offering protection for multiple impacts.

Certified CE1385 - for watersports use

Helmet wt 17oz

Watts H20 Features Include

Eyewear channel - unique channels allow for comfort and fit with most glasses
SINK FIT design - so the helmet sits lower around your head and not on top like a mushroom.

Construction detail

High Impact protection from ABS shell with Brock Foam internal foam for multi-impact protection
Vented outer shell combined with Peak design
Brock Foam - Soft Breathable Foam that circulates air and sucks moisture - allowing the water to permeate straight though the foam
Internal lining of waterproof EVA comfort foam that molds to the riders head giving a better fit and more comfort
Brock Foam is multi impact and much lighter than traditional EPS foam linings
Tested and engineered to meet the CE 1385 helmet standards for water sports
The Helmet uses a specific Brock foam lining for greater breathability, comfort and water release, It is certified for watersports use CE1385. This Crash Hat works really well for Skate, Bike and street use and is a great hard hat for winter sports use.
Removable ear protection included


Measure the circumference of your head using a soft tape measure, running the tape over two of your fingers (to ensure it is not too tight a fit) and around your head at the widest point, from forehead, across the temples and around the back.