Alex Aguera CR 64 Raceboard

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Alex Aguera CR 64 Raceboard

Have you tried the fastest-growing kiteboarding sport? Kiteboard course racing is fun, exciting, and available anywhere there is water and wind!

Kiteboard Aguera CR 64 - 185 cm length, wide 64 weight 6kg, with 5 fin & Tuttle boxes.  Design by the best kite racing board designer in the world, Alex Aguera.  IKA sertified boards.

Riding Raceboards:

Here is a brief explanation of how I think you should try and ride a raceboard:

  • Get more weight forward and not ride the tail.
  • Try and get the board flat and not ride the windward rail down like a twin tip or regular kiting. Think of trying to get the board to heal over to Leeward instead of to windward. Once you start mastering this, the board will start really accelerating.
  • Fins are critical to being able to trust your board and let it fly. I recommend starting with the short fat low aspect fins. CNC fins are better than hand foiled. If you are getting some hand foiled fins, make sure they are good ones!